Website Design Services Process

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We improved our process over time, and it is designed to be very clear, simple and easy to follow.

We divided the website building process in 3 distinctive steps: administrative, creative and development. Here are the three steps:

1. The First Step: we get to know your business and put together a design brief and a contract


Duration: 1 to 5 days depending on the size of the project.

In order to put your business vision into a website, we need to learn as much as possible about you and your business. We start any job with a general questionnaire and a business strategy one. We are very strict about filling out these questionnaires, and we don't usually start any job without them. The website strategy is built on the business strategy and without one we don't have clear view about your business vision, target market and competition.

After we get the questionnaires back, we will work together on a design brief that we both agree upon and we will include it in a contract. The contract will stipulate the clear and complete scope, deadlines, price and payment process of the entire project.

At this point the client will provide the us all the content and materials for the project as: text content for all the pages, photos, images and logo, depending on what the project calls for.

Closing with:

  • Signed contract
  • The first payment of one third of the total price.

2. The Second Step: the website creation process


Duration: 4 to 15 days, depending on the size of the project.

Now we will put together all the data, material and info we gathered and create a proof of the website. Most of the time, during this process we work on a live website on our server, where you can follow live the birth of your new website. This way, we can cut down to minimum the time we spend for revision, while we can do this live, on the phone.

We will end this step with a final proof of the website design. 

You will give as back a full list of the changes you want if any, and we will work on the changes until you are completely satisfied with the look of the website. This is our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee promise.

Closing with:

  • A final design proof from us
  • A full list of changes to the design proof from you
  • Second payment of one third of the total amount.


3. The Third Step: the development process


Duration: 2 to 14 days.

If we will use a Content Management System, this process will be a lot shorter, as the development will be already done by the time the proof will be presented.

When the website will be finalized, with your approval we will launch it online and open a champagne. You will send the last payment of one third at this point and take full ownership of the website.

Closing with:

  • The launch of the the website online
  • Last payment of one third of the total.



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