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Super Cool Avatar Photo Manipulation

on Monday, 14 January 2013. Posted in Special Offers

Your Own Photo Avatar

As many people are big fans of the movie Avatar, the imagination and creativity went far beyond normal and the result are images and 3D creations that are no less cooler than the movie itself.

That's how I got the idea of a design inspired from the movie's main attraction, the Na'vi humanoid aliens.

Of course I am not the first, the photo manipulation technique came out not far behind the movie.

What made me expand the small project from fun to an valuable product was the success of my first design. Everybody who saw it wanted one! So I had to come up with a solution to calm down the bunch of friends in desire for a personal Avatar photo manipulation: profitize it.

So if you like the idea and want to get your super cool Avatar picture that resemble your face in an astonishing way:

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